andreahIf you were looking for one of those “my-life-is-perfect-don’t-you-want-to-be-just-like-me?” blogs, I’m afraid you’ve landed in the WRONG place. This is NOT one of “those” blogs . . . far from it! I’m a relatively ordinary chick who happens to be dealing with some rather extraordinary circumstances . . . just like all the other frazzled chicks out there. I know that we are all facing challenges and pressures from all different directions . . . said a different way, “we all have our @#$%”. I do sometimes wish these challenges would spread themselves out a bit, instead of landing in my lap all at once! But, I’ve learned to embrace the fact that my life was never meant to be “normal”, whatever that means. And, no matter what comes at me, all I hope to do is enjoy the journey, learn the lessons, minimize the “frazzle” and maximize the “fabulous”!

I’m a self-proclaimed technology and productivity geek and that’s where the story begins . . . I invite you to follow my journey as I apply the tools and techniques that I’ve learned in a chick-centric modern-gal working-mom kind of way!

What’s My Sitch?

  • I am a person of faith.
  • I have a wonderful, sweet, teenage son with a very mild, high-functioning form of Autism. We are going to get him through high school and college if it kills me.
  • My darling husband, Brian, recently made his journey to heaven after a five-year battle with cancer.
  • I have a BBA degree in Marketing Management and a MBA in Finance with an Emphasis in Real Estate.
  • I lead and manage a talented team of Training and Development professionals for a real estate investment trust that owns and manages apartments throughout the country.
  • I am blessed to have the opportunity to do work that I enjoy.
  • I am even more blessed to work with people that I enjoy being with.
  • I am slightly-obsessed with technology, productivity, organization, project management and fashion.
  • To say I love to travel is a HUGE understatement. I almost always have at least one trip booked.
  • I lost 40 lbs about 10 years ago with Weight Watchers “At Home” program. I’ll probably be trying to lose 5 more pounds for the rest of my life.
  • For me, tracking diet and exercise is less about weight-loss and more about maintaining a sense of control.
  • My favorite exercise is outdoor running.
  • I’m not a “cheapskate”, but like to live a fairly simple lifestyle that is “below my means”. I enjoy the flexibility that allows.
  • I do not function well in temperatures below 60 degrees.
  • Disney World, Target and Staples are just a few of my “happy places”.
  • I love pretty things. But I love wonderful people most of all!