productivity-organization-iconIn my last post, I mentioned the importance of identifying our Areas of Focus. So, today I’m sharing a list of MY Areas of Focus. I’m continually reviewing, evaluating and updating this list as it becomes necessary or advantageous to do so. My Areas of Focus can be separated into three major categories, although they appear in a single list in most of my productivity tools.  These lists are in alphabetical order . . . not in order of perceived importance.

Personal Areas of Focus
Stuff I don’t “get paid” to manage (well, not in dollars, but I certainly benefit in other ways):

  • Cooking + Eating
  • Finances + Wealth
  • Friends + Family
  • Fun + Creativity
  • Health + Vitality
  • Home + Auto
  • Personal Care
  • Relaxation + Renewal
  • Spiritual Growth + Serving Others

Professional Areas of Focus
Stuff I manage as a part of my job description at work (I’m a Training and Development Director):

  • Charitable Causes + Community Outreach
  • Formal Training
  • Informal Training
  • Internal Communications
  • Learning Technology
  • Management Duties
  • Meetings + Conferences
  • Performance Support

“Crossover” Areas of Focus
Stuff I manage personally that benefits my career:

  • Productivity + Organization
  • Professional Development
  • Technology
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