human-questionWhen conducting a mind sweep or when brainstorming on a particular element, here are some key questions that help me eek out every little tidbit that might be consuming psychic RAM:

What has your attention?
Regardless of the topic, scope, or type of mind sweep, this is THE essential question that gets the ball rolling. In this beginning stage, the floodgates are open and things are usually coming to me quicker than I can write them down. At this point, I’m writing messy if I have to, and abbreviating where I can. Incomplete sentences, phrases and ideas are totally fine at this point. No worries . . . I’ll be cleaning them up later.
What is keeping you up at night? What is giving you “heartburn”?
We’ve all got ‘em . . . those nagging little things that we’re worried about or that bother us on some level. This is where things can become just a little uncomfortable. Is there anything that I have avoided acknowledging because I don’t yet have an answer or solution?
What are you procrastinating on?
This is the stuff I might be avoiding because I’m either anxious about it or because my interest is fading for some reason. What ARE these things? Why am I avoiding them? Is there anything I can do to make them more attractive to me?
What have you gone “numb” or “unconscious” to?
Sometimes there are things that sit on my lists SO long that I barely notice them any more and tend to skip right over them as if they don’t exist at all. Sometimes I need to “re-collect” those things back to “IN” so that I can re-process them in a more attractive way. Or maybe, if I’m being “real” with myself, I may not be TRULY committed to this thing right now. Is it possible that I should to move this to a someday / maybe list instead?
What is true right now?
And just when it seems that I’m completely tapped out, and there can’t possibly be anything left to capture, it’s time to look beyond the incomplete, undone, out-of-whack and imperfect to what simply IS. I never know when it might reveal one or two very subtle opportunities lurking.

QUESTION MARK IMAGE | © Marco Bellucci | Flickr Creative Commons

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