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As many GTD® practitioners do, I became sort of an “evangelist” for the methodology. I found that when I’d go to meetings with my manager, we’d go over the projects in my areas of responsibility, but we’d spend what seemed like an equal amount of time discussing ways to become more efficient or she’d want to know more about a tool that I was using. So, I gave her some notes on GTD® and a recommendation on my favorite app and, a few days later she called me and thanked me and said that she felt a lot more clear, focused and relaxed.

When it came time to start planning my company’s 2013 Leadership Conference, our thoughts immediately turned to our managers and how much better we could perform as a company if our leaders could experience even a fraction of the relaxed, focused control that we had come to know. And, when we pitched the idea to our CEO, he agreed.

So, wasting no time, in October of 2012, I had the opportunity to travel to Ojai, CA, and become certified by the David Allen Company as a GTD Essentials Certified Trainer. David Allen, himself, came out and hung out with us for a couple of hours. That was a real highlight for me. One day, he’s coaching the head of the World Bank and the next day he’s hanging with us telling us that all this came about so that he can go out and enjoy a beer without stress. Truly one of the most brilliant, and cool, people I’ve ever met!

GTD Essentials Certification Class with David Allen in Ojai, CA (October 2012)

GTD Essentials Certification Class with David Allen in Ojai, CA (October 2012)

Since that time, I’ve been delivering GTD Essentials workshops, I delivered a 55-minute workshop at the 2013 Leadership Conference and have even been doing some one-on-one coaching. Within my company, I’ve sort of become the “go-to” person for productivity and project management.  It’s a role that I’ve embraced and look forward to sharing some of my thoughts and ideas with others here on the web.

I don’t plan to get too much into the basics of GTD® on this site – for that you would want to read the book.  Rather, on this site, I plan to post articles about the practical application of GTD®, as well as other productivity techniques, lifehacks, gear, and my attempt at attaining a “black belt” level of control in my life.  And because I’m a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, and manager of mostly ladies, this site is a little, well, “chick-centric”.  But, I’m an equal-opportunity “lifestyle cheerleader”.  I welcome any and all followers, subscribers and contributors – as long as contributions are positive and good-natured.  No whiners, divas, brats or trolls allowed!

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