productivity-organization-iconOh, how I wish that my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Buss, could see me now! She’s the person who, on my report cards, would write comments along the lines of “Andreah is such a bright student, but her desk is a mess!”. Like my parents, who used to threaten to sell my bedroom carpet when I was a teenager because they couldn’t see the floor, I think Mrs. Buss would be incredibly surprised to know that, as an adult, I absolutely LOVE providing guidance and advice to friends and co-workers on how to be productive and organized. It goes to show, there IS hope for ALL of us! I certainly wasn’t born with the “organization gene”. It was behavior that I learned and continue to improve through practice. My systems do take some effort to set up and maintain, but the time they save and the stress that they prevent and mitigate are well worth the investment.

To keep myself organized and productive, I use a combination of many tools and methods.  My personal system for productivity and organization is adapted primarily from:

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